May 22, 2008

Ideas to Increase Income for Church Budgets

Recent news that American Airlines will begin charging most passengers $15 for the first checked bag, $25 for the second, and $100 for the third each way has generated some ideas on how congregations might generate some extra income to meet increasing expenses:

  • $15 charge for coats hung on the coat rack and an extra $25 for other items placed on rack
  • An additional $25 fee for items left on the coat rack during the week or for dishes left at the church following a potluck dinner will also apply
  • $15 charge for use of a hymnal for the first hymn and $25 for additional hymns in same service
  • $15 fee for first use of the restroom each Sunday and $25 for each additional visit
  • $15 parking charge for the family car; if the family comes in 2 cars there will be an additional $25 fee
Like with American Airlines, churches might make exceptions in certain cases.
  • Members who complete payment of their 2008 tithe by June 15 will be exempt.
  • Members who show proof of tithing will not be charged for coats, hymnals, parking, or their first visit to the restroom each Sunday.
  • Guest speakers and evangelists will be exempt
  • Sunday School teachers who teach at least 30 Sunday per year are also exempt
  • Members inviting first-time visitors will earn credits which may be applied toward these charges
Meanwhile, observers suggest other congregations will follow suit and may find ways to add on additional charges including the use of the baptismal tank and a charge for bulletins if budget costs continue to rise.