April 5, 2008

William Stafford

Brian Nixon, a pastor, writer, musician, writes about William Stafford, a Church of the Brethren poet who has authored over sixty books of poetry, verse, and stories.

The following poem is included in the article.

Reading The Big Weather

Mornings we see our breath. Weedssturdy for winter are waiting downby the tracks. Birds, high and silent, pass almost invisible over town.

Time, always almost readyto happen, leans over our shoulder readingthe headlines for something not there. “Republicans Control Congress”- the year spins on unheeding.

The moon drops back toward the sun, a sicklegone faint in the dawn; there is a weatherof things that happen too faint for the headlines,but tremendous, like willows touching the river.

This earth we are riding keeps trying to tell us something with its continuous scripture of leaves.

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