April 25, 2008

District 300th Celebration

377 persons packed the West Goshen church on Sunday afternoon, April 20, to join in the 300th Anniversary Celebration. The sanctuary and balcony were both full with chairs added in the back and along one side of the center aisle. Additional persons stood at the back or outside and in the hallway near the front of the sanctuary. The target goal of the planning committee had been 300 persons for the 300 years.

Worship included the Bethany Choir, Welcome by Ruthann Angle, Invocation by Opal Nees, first-person sharing by Alexander Mack (Casey Drudge) and Anna Mow (Karen Eis), singing led by Doug Archer, a drama "The Next Mural", unveiling of the district quilt and a litany led by the Youth Heritage team, and benediction by host pastor Norm Replogle.

Following the 2-hour service, there were opportunities for fellowship and "breaking of bread," exhibits including historic dress and bibles, and for a historical tour of the property and the cemetary. Thanks to the planning committee of Casey Drudge, Alice Archer, Ruthann Angle, Dorothy Gall, and all others who participated.