March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday Remembrance

Palm Sunday 1965 was on April 11, nevertheless as I was on the road this morning I was remembering the events of that Palm Sunday 43 years ago today.
That afternoon brought a strange stillness in the air and the animals in the barnyard noticed it first. I remember their crazy antics that afternoon and only later realized, they sensed the bad weather first.
I remember heading across the backyard to close a barn door. The wind was bending a small tree in one direction and when I returned to the house it was bending in the opposite direction. The sky to the north was black and ominous. The I did not see the funnels pictured above, the sky had a similar look. This picture was taken near Dunlap IN.
Indiana was one of six Midwest states to be raked by deadly tornadoes. In all, 47 tornadoes killed 271 people and injured over 1,500. This was the third deadliest tornado outbreak in U.S. history and the deadliest of all Indiana outbreaks.
In Indiana, 137 people were killed and over 1,200 injured by ten tornadoes during the late afternoon and evening hours that day.
One of the most violent tornadoes occurred at Midway Trailer Court near Goshen. A second tornado struck minutes later near Goshen at Rainbow Lake. Another tornado formed just south of South Bend and tracked to just south of Elkhart. This tornado killed 45 in the town of Dunlap and 33 of those killed were at a trailer park. Other Northern Indiana locations hit by tornadoes included Lapaz, Koontz Lake, Wyatt, Wakarusa and Wanatah.