February 17, 2008

Inviting Persons to Church

I stumbled onto the website for another church (Granger Community Church) today. The following thought defining the difference between information and invitation was helpful to me and I thought I would pass it on. I have edited it slightly to enable you to plug in the name of your own church.

When you "invite" a person it is different from "informing" a person.
You say, "I go to _______ church. I'd love for you to come sometime."
You've given information. Instead, you say, "Will you meet me at _____
church at 10:30 am next Sunday ... and we can sit together?" Now you
have offered an invitation.

Saying, "We should get lunch sometime," or "Let's play golf sometime,"
usually doesn't result in a meeting. You ask for the appointment, the
date, or the meeting by specifying the time and place; that is an
invitation likely to be accepted.

So, are you inviting people to church or are you just giving them information?