February 28, 2008

Bonus Day

How will you spend tomorrow, February 29? It is that little bonus day that comes along every 4th year. About this "bonus day" I have some questions?
  • Why in the world did the "powers that be" stick a Leap Year Day in February of all months? I know that February has fewer days than any other month, but why not give us a "bonus day" in April or June or even September? Who in their right mind wants to add another day to the month of February?
  • Why does the "leap year day" need to coincide with the year of a Presidential election? Aren't we all sick of all the campaigning? Do we really need an extra day of this?
  • With all the national holidays when all government offices and schools close, why not make this "bonus day" a holiday as well? Why should it be just another day?
  • Why not a better name than "leap year?"

But my real question is what will you do tomorrow? Something special, I hope, even if it does extend February for another day?

P.S. Happy Birthday to those celebrating a birthday on February 29!