January 10, 2008

Court Strikes Down Gideon Bible Distribution

Court Strikes Down Gideon Bible Distribution In Elementary School reports Religion Clause blog.

Yesterday in Roark v. South Iron R-1 School District, (ED MO, Jan. 8, 2008), a Missouri federal district court held that a Missouri school district's policy permitting adult members of Gideons International to distribute Bibles to elementary school students on school property during the school day violates the Establishment Clause. Both an earlier policy that permitted distribution in the classroom, and a subsequent policy that limited distribution to the cafeteria and in front of administrative offices, were undertaken for the purpose of promoting Christianity and have the effect of endorsing religion to impressionable elementary school students.

I can still remember the copy of the New Testament I received from the Gideons in Elementary School. I don't think it did me any harm.

Religion Clause also reported today: Facing threats of a lawsuit, Indiana' Senate on Tuesday switched to a non-sectarian opening prayer. Yesterday's Indianapolis Star reports that the ACLU, which had previously sued the Indiana House to challenge its sectarian opening prayers, had threatened a similar suit against the Senate after it opened with an overtly Christian prayer in November.