December 1, 2007

Winning through diplomacy

As reported in the Dallas Morning News:

If you want to know the difference a year makes, think about what Defense Secretary Robert Gates said this week. There he was in Kansas, telling students it was ludicrous that America spends $500 billion a year for its military but only about $36 billion for the State Department's foreign affairs requests.

If we're going to win this war on terror, Mr. Gates said, we're going to need more diplomats and civilians working overseas to build bridges and tamp down insurgencies. He even pointed out that State's 6,600 career diplomats equal about the force it takes to man one aircraft carrier strike group. Read the entire editorial.

We can only hope that other national leaders in the Administration and Congress will hear the need to work through negotiation and diplomacy rather than trying to solve the world's problems by military force.

Speaking of which ... congregations could solve more of their own problems by sitting down and discussing the issues in a meaningful way rather than by heading into battle and subjecting the congregation to ongoing conflict.

Let's all work at Continuing the work of Jesus. Peacefully. Simply. Together.