December 14, 2007

At Home in Millersburg

I had a very rare opportunity today to visit my childhood home in Millersburg. It had been over 46 years since I last was in that house. I was in 7th grade, about to turn 12, when we moved from the house of my childhood to the farm.

A number of times during the past dozen years I have driven past the house and wondered what changes had been made. Today's visit came by chance when a cousin who is a teacher learned from an aide that she and her family now live in the house. Arrangements were made and today we were invited to an hour-long open house. 14 family members, including cousins, took advantage of the opportunity.

What wonderful improvements have been made to this 107-year-old house. The basic footprint is still the same, of course, as no additions have been made to the house itself. But inside, improvements have been made including the removal of some 5 interior doors that once led from room-to-room, or to the outside. A new kitchen was amazing and bathroom improvements were also noticeable. Fortunately, the beautiful woodwork in the house remains.

It was an hour filled with remembering and stories. Thanks to the new owners for the gift.