November 26, 2007

One Church, Many Ages

A pastor from Illinois travels to Michigan for a family Thanksgiving Dinner and comes away with some insights about the church and generational differences. He concludes:

So much of the time in the Church we run in packs with people of our generation or those who think exactly like we do. 1 Corinthians is very clear that all of us have been brought together to bring glory and honor to Jesus as a community of believers. The Church that listens and communicates with each other is a Church that will go places together. The Church in America is losing ground and part of the problem is the selfishness of every generation wanting their own way. If we take James' advice to be "quick to listen, and slow to speak" we will gain ground within our local communities. Every generation is significant and every Christian that makes up the Church you belong to matters to God.

You may read the entire article here.