October 3, 2007

Road Signs

I am on the road this week, doing some vacation traveling. Therefore, I was especially interested in the following thoughts from Bishop Michael Coyner of the Indiana Area of the United Methodist Church in his weekly E-pistle.

“Road Signs Along the Way”

I do a lot of driving as I transverse the state of Indiana and also drive to other meetings around the Midwest. I see a constant array of road signs along the highways, and some of those signs offer me a word about our Christian journey.

“One-Way” is a reminder to me that there is only one path in life which leads to eternal life, and that path is through Jesus Christ.

“Yield” reminds me that my will and my ego cannot be my guide, but I must yield to the directions of God’s Spirit in my life.

“Stop” is a sign which tells me that there must be Sabbath days and mini-Sabbath times in my journey for me to “be still and know that I am God” as the Psalmist expresses it.

“Road construction ahead” reminds me that my life’s journey is not always smooth, but God promises to lead me through the rough times.

“Speed Limit” is a sign which I struggle to obey, but it reminds me that moving too fast and too far on my human energy is not enough, there is a limit to what I can accomplish and I must learn those limits to be empowered by God.

“Congested Area” reminds me that life is filled with complications, and I must be attentive to the full range of options and choose wisely.

“Merging Traffic” reminds me that my life is often interrupted by others who want to come into my lane, and yet many of those become opportunities for sharing, while others are simply dangerous.

“Bridge Freezes Before Roadway” reminds me that there are places in life where life can become slippery and I must use caution to stay on course.

“Mile Marker” reminds me that each mile is important, just like each person is important, and all of those miles and persons add to my life’s journey.

“Home” is a sign which I don’t see along the highway but it is a sign which is forever before me as I travel and look forward to finishing the journey faithfully and being welcomed home.

Those are some of the road signs which speak to me while I drive – and they serve as reminders about my faith journey through life.

May you have safe travels and “faith travels” along your journey this week.