October 17, 2007

Cheating on your church

Andrew C. Thompson, writes in an article titled "Consumerism leads to cheating on your church":

American consumer culture has so shaped the way we look at the world that we assume church shopping is natural. Like anything else in society—a restaurant, a cell phone plan, a magazine subscription—if we don’t like the product we’re getting, we opt for another one. That’s the consumer’s right, isn’t it?

Well, yes, it is the consumer’s right. But it is not the Christian’s right. When we make vows of church membership, we pledge to be loyal to both the universal church and the local congregation with our prayers, presence, gifts and service. And because it is Jesus’ church, those are vows made to Jesus himself. They are at least as important as our wedding vows.

Thompson goes on to suggest only four valid reasons to leave a church. Read more.